DVD Conversion services available

Convert from a single video tape to DVD
£26 per disc
including return postage of tape and disc
More than one tape on a disc
£6 for each extra tape

It is possible to put up to 6 hours on a DVD, but anything more than 130 minutes and quality will be reduced.
We do not recommend putting longer than 3 hours on a disc.
If your tape is longer than 3 hours we advise that you split it over 2 or more discs.
Discs longer than 3 hours will be charged extra. See below for prices

A menu title of up to 24 characters per tape can be put at the start of the disc and
the disc face will be printed with either the same title(s), or a title of your choice.
Please note that printing is done directly onto the disc face. We do not attach any labels to the discs as labels should never be attached to a DVD.
Please tell us what wording you would like in the menu.

Sorry - we are no longer able to handle Betamax tapes

Convert from tape format
to DVD format
VHS, VHS-C and SVHS in or or

to DVD

in or

If no format is requested we will supply discs in PAL.

DV or DVCam in or
Video 8 or Hi8 in only
Sorry, we cannot do Digital 8 and we no longer do Betamax

DVDs will be set for Region 0, and should play anywhere in the World.

PAL discs will not play on NTSC players, however a large number of PAL players will play NTSC discs, but this feature is not guaranteed. Computers are usually able to play either PAL or NTSC discs

Price includes return by Post Office second class postage to
United Kingdom addresses.

A certificate of posting will be obtained to prove dispatch. In the event of loss in the post, our liability is restricted to the amount that the Post Office will pay

Recorded delivery
£1 extra
Next day guaranteed delivery,
including compensation up to £500

£6 extra for one tape and disc

Please enquire for the cost of extra tapes or discs

Prices for overseas delivery and other methods of dispatch on request

Please only send tapes in cardboard slip cases (sleeves). DO NOT send tapes in library cases or plastic boxes as these only add to the weight and make the postage more expensive.

Discs are returned in clear plastic slip cases. It is not advisable to attach a label to a DVD disc and for that reason all the discs supplied have a plain white ink-jet printable surface, however you will need to use a special printer to be able to print on them. We will print a small amount of text on the disc for you at no extra cost. Details below



Maximum playing time on one disc:

up to 2 hours in full quality.

Up to 3 hours with a small loss of quality

Up to a maximum of 6 hours, but with substantial quality loss

If your tape is longer than 3 hours we advise you to
have it
split over 2 discs
the cost for the second disc is £17

If you have two or more tapes and you wish to have them combined on to one disc the cost is
£6 for each extra tape on the same disc.


Printing, packaging and disc labels
Printing and Labelling:
You should never attach any sort of label to a DVD. Even attaching a CD label with an applicator can cause the disc not to play in some machines. For that reason all our discs have a white surface that can be printed on a suitable ink-jet printer.

If you tell us what to print, we will print up to 3 lines of type on each disc free of charge.
For more elaborate printing we charge £1.75 per disc. For this we can print any amount of text supplied in either a text or doc file, or a picture supplied as a jpg file. When designing your disc please take into account the 42mm diameter hole in the middle of the disc that cannot be printed.

Discs are returned in a clear plastic sleeve.

DVD boxes with a transparent wrap-around sleeve for you to insert a sheet of paper are also available. Boxes that take one disc cost £1 each (including postage). Boxes are available in black or clear plastic. Double boxes that hold 2 discs cost £1.20 each and are available in clear only.

We also expect to have white boxes available soon, but these will be slightly more expensive.

Extra copies

First 3 copies - £8 per disc

Next 6 copies - £6 per disc

10th and further copies - £4 per disc

Replication prices as little as 79p per disc for 1000 discs,
including glass master and full colour on body printing.

and even cheaper for larger quantities. please contact us for a quotation.


Most orders are posted back to the client within 24 hours of receipt but occasionally delays may occur due to technical reasons, holidays (vacations) or just pressure of work.
If your order is urgent it is best to contact us first.

Please read our terms and conditions before sending any tapes in to be converted.